Do you love Twin Peaks? Like love Twin Peaks? Have you considered taking up skating? Do you already skate? Or, do you not skate at all because you, like me, have the co-ordination of a chihuahua on acid, but hang decks on your walls so you look all ~ here for the kulture ~ ? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might enjoy one of these skateboards screen printed with stills from soon-to-be-rebooted 90s hitTwin Peaks' ! I know! Edgy and unexpected - the formula to 'cool'!

Director David Lynch has jumped on board (ayo!) with skate brand Habitat to create a range of decks, t-shirts, mugs and more all inspired by the iconic show. The dream.

Have a lil flick through and see if anything takes your fancy.

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Also Twin Peaks is comin' right on back to Showtime on May 21. We're going home, folks.

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