#TWERKUMENTARY: Watch the Trailer for a Documentary about Twerking

by Gabby Bess

What do E-40, Kreayshawn, Chippy Nonstop, Khia, and Too $hort have in common? They're all, apparently, twerking experts.

Miley Cyrus may have retired from twerking but the butt-shaking obsession has officially reached critical mass. Spaghetto -- an LA-based director who has shot music videos for the twerk princess herself, Brooke Candy -- is making a documentary about the dance move.

The Kickstarter-funded project hopes to have a "deeper conversation about empowerment, freedom of expression and the undeniable influence that music and the Internet have on genres, cultures and the internationalization of trends." We're not so sure about that -- Kresyshawn doesn't really seem like a qualified twerking scholar -- but from the looks of it, we can definitely count on a lot of booty bouncing.


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