Turn Up With This House Remix of Kindness and Robyn's "Who Do You Love"

by Abby Schreiber
Anyone else have stress dreams about heading back to work today? For those of us who are down a few brain cells from all that, uh, "holiday cheer," here's a little Monday pick-me-up: UK producer Jeremy Sylvester's new remix of Kindness and Robyn's beautiful collab, "Who Do You Love." In this version, the quiet, pulsing Otherness track gets a boost from Sylvester's kinetic blend of house and garage beats and occasional transformation of Robyn's voice into the kind whose deep timbre sounds like a dude in witness protection who's giving an anonymous interview on TV or the radio.

It's the third remix from a new EP that also includes re-works by producers Joakim and Jam City. You can snag the single and the EP in the U.S. starting tomorrow and in the meantime, give it a listen, below. Kindness is also heading out on a global tour this month and will play the Bowery Ballroom and Rough Trade on March 14 & 15, respectively (for a complete list of dates, go HERE).

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