Tupac Shakur is officially a nominee for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (not that he needed any more affirmation of his legend status, of course).

This is the first year that 2pac has been eligible for nomination – as a rule, only artists whose first albums/ singles are 25 years can be on the Hall's ballot – and he's already a favorite. He'll join the likes of Pearl Jam, Janet Jackson, Depeche Mode, the Zombies, and Yes in a bid for a place in the hall of fame.

If inducted, the rapper – who was murdered 20 years ago last month– will follow other hip-hop legends like the Beastie Boys, Furious Five, and Public Enemy to eternal glory (in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland).

Head on over to the Rock and Roll Hall's website to vote 2pac (and others, I guess) into *more* immortality.

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