As the presidential election (thankfully, THANKFULLY) looms closer, and it becomes more surefire that Trump (ALSO THANKFULLY) will probably not be elected president (I mean, who knows, though), more frightening details about the bottomless fissure that is Trump's campaign continue to surface.

Each demonstrating just how inept he would be as president, as well as how fucking delusional he is.

NPR's The Takeaway podcast hosted Vanity Fair contributing editor Sarah Ellison, who discussed her opinion (as expressed in a June article she wrote) that Trump may be planning to monetize his popularity among the alt-ring-wing contingent of the US into establishing an alt-right-wing conservative media empire.

He's already tapped consultants like Sean Hannity, Omarosa (lol), and Roger Ailes (you know, the founder and former CEO of Fox News who's under investigation for decades wort of sexual assault allegations).

His media roundtable!

Trump IS a businessman, after all.

FOX News...just more insufferable and paranoid and horrifying, grooming and giving an extensive platform to actual right-wing fringe political psychopaths who could rally their masses.

Ellison also revealed that Trump--at one point during this current election--met with NBC executives to determine whether or not he could continue hosting The Apprentice if he were to win the election in November.

Literally. Hosting the show from the White House.

"The idea was that [Trump] couldn't do the show during the campaign, because of the equal time laws, but once he was in the White House, it's a possibility. Then we really would be living in a Truman Show reality."


Imagine Teresa Giudice in a board room at the White House, during an Apprentice all-star season.


Listen below, and please, please don't vote for Trump.

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