Continuing to take his steaming cake batter of hate to new extremes, Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president may have indirectly (or directly) called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.


Trump headed down to the South's current and foremost haven of bigotry (North Carolina) to rouse any potential on-the-fence Republicans, and started ranting about Clinton's theoretical picking of Supreme Court nominees who would crack down on gun ownership (aka tamper--in his eyes--with the Second Amendment.)

Nothing like threatening a bunch of bigots with the prospect of losing their guns!

However, the butterscotch demagogue's solution to stop this from happening came in this horrifying and casual incitement of murder.

"If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is, I don't know."


He just said that.

If you don't like her policies, all you have to do is shoot her!

This guy's shocked reaction in the back sums it all up:

zhere's a video of it:

Trump's campaign immediately released a statement, attempting to quell the fire started by the "dishonest" media.

Team Hillary released a statement of their own:

Please, not vote for this man.

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