This Is the Horniest Bread Cookbook

This Is the Horniest Bread Cookbook

At this point in quarantine, odds are either you or someone your know has tried to pass the time by getting into bread making. From fiddling with sourdough starters to brining focaccia, baking bread seems to have become one of the universal stages of lockdown alongside Zoom fatigue and watching Tiger King. It's a good chaste activity perfect for keeping your mind off thinking about how long its been since you've felt the touch of another human being. Unfortunately, it looks like Trojan didn't get the memo.

The condom maker is celebrating World Baking Day by releasing their own cookbook geared towards couples looking to spice up their kitchen life and they aren't talking about cumin (...on second thought, maybe they are). Available as a free e-book, Rising Time is full of innuendo-laden recipes such as "Pump Her Nickel," "Rye'd That D," "Knot Without a Condom" and "Great In The (Potato Sack)" among others.

According to the cookbook's description, the 69-page spread (yes, really) features "sensual bread recipes and surprisingly erotic bread photography" interspersed with reminders for couples that they don't have to wait for their dough to rise to get their hands on a pair of buns.

In addition to giving away their very horny cookbook for free, Trojan has also promised to donate 50,000 meals to Feeding America as a part of their World Baking Day celebration. So if a nice long baguette just does it for you, head here to get your copy of Rising Time and get busy baking *wink wink.*

Photo via Instagram