Peep The Scene From Hanksy's Time-Traveling Art Show

Peep The Scene From Hanksy's Time-Traveling Art Show

photos by Luis Nieto Dickens, text by Annie Felix

This past weekend, NYC street artist, and the Lower East Side's own pun extraordinaire, Hanksy brought the transitory-nature of guerilla-style art to the hyper-immersive world of virtual reality with his new exhibit, Surplus Candy VR.

The idea – to create an all-immersive experience (like only the futuristic media of VR can) that is also fleeting and dynamic (as street art is) – manifested itself in the old Shalom Chai Place on Grand Street over the weekend. A virtual reality version of Hanksy's Surplus Candy LA show from last year, it was a "choose-your-own-adventure" experience that allowed visitors to put on VR headsets and tour the entire exhibit, as if they were experiencing the original Surplus Candy.

Missed both of the IRL versions? Well, no fear, because the entire experience will be placed online today. This is as close as we've gotten to time travel, kids!

Peep some pictures from the innovative show below.

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