Felicity Huffman brings some of the same flaky, bungling charm of the character she plays on Desperate Housewives to her character here: Bree, a pre-op transsexual awaiting her final operation. But there's a glitch in Bree's plan; she's just learned that she fathered a son many years ago and that he's in a New York jail after having been convicted of hustling. Her therapist (Elizabeth Pena) suggests she travel to Manhattan and settle her family trouble before the operation. That's the setup for the odd cross-country odyssey between the prim and uptight Bree and her punk son Toby (Kevin Zegers, who's terrific here). But Bree never reveals her true identity to him, which results in plenty of unexpected surprises. Written and directed by Duncan Tucker, the movie's a lot of fun thanks to Huffman's endearing appeal.

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