The fashion world's Sunday scaries were relieved this past week when Jacquemus introduced his new puppy Toutou to the world on Instagram. The dapple dachshund's oversized ears, angelic blue eyes, and tiny paws made for an adorable and photogenic debut — and the debut photo currently has more than 211,000 likes.

In a following window selfie, Jacquemus cradles Toutou in one arm on the rainy streets of Paris. Clad in a chic brown leash harness, Toutou — who, just like his dad, obviously knows his angles — stares directly into the camera while being introduced as the brand's newest team member.

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If the social media reveal is any indication, @mynameistoutou has already become a celebrity pet in his own right, so far amassing over 30k Instagram followers and counting. A recent gallery shows the puppy running through Jacquemus' office courtyard, barking at a Chiquito bag, and lounging on couches on his first day at the brand. All in a day's work!

Little is known about the new fashion darling, save that (per his bio) he loves "CROQUETTES, SUNNY DAYS, BONES, AND MY TWO DADS" (Jacquemus' partner, Marco Maestri, is co-parenting). However, his fanbase is already unwaveringly loyal, with users proclaiming "i would sacrifice my own life for Toutou" and "Sorry dad i fell in love with a dog." Honestly, can you blame them?

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What remains to be seen — aside from Toutou's potential to fit inside a Chiquito — is how the pup will influence his dad's namesake French brand. Being a high-fashion pet, after all, is serious business — just ask Choupette Lagerfeld or PAPER alum Neville Jacobs.

We're already anticipating signature bags, a pet line and runway appearances, though there will surely be more to come from Jacquemus' latest muse. In the meantime, enjoy Toutou's papped BTS shots napping on Simon's shoes — and, obviously, follow him on Instagram.

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