Top Ten YouthSpeak Words

By Special Correspondent SNOWBIRD

The NY Times jumped on the "list" bandwagon and sent the Snowbird deep into the Internet for a couple of hours last night.  One of the gems uncovered was a site called "The Global Language Monitor" that is filled with things like the Top Ten Words for 2005 -- "refugee" was #1.  My fave is the Top Ten Global YouthSpeak Words:

     1. Crunk: A Southern variation of hip hop music; also meaning fun or amped.

     2. Mang: Variation of man, as in "S'up, mang?"

     3. A'ight: All Right, "That girl is nice, she's a'ight"

     4. Mad: A lot; "She has mad money"

     5. Props: Cheers, as in "He gets mad props!"

     6. Bizznizzle: This term for" business" is part of the Snoop Dogg/Sean      John-inspired lexicon, as in "None of your bizznizzle!'

     7. Fully: In Australia an intensive. as in 'fully sick.'

     8. Fundoo: In India, Hindi for cool

     9. Brill!  From the UK, the shortened form of brilliant!

     10. "s'up": Another in an apparently endless number of Whazzup? permutations.

Last year the Top YouthSpeak terms were: Word, Peace (or Peace out), and Proper.


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