Top of the Pops: The Beastie Boys' Huge Sales Spike + Carrie Underwood

Gary Pini

Following Adam Yauch's death last Friday, the Beastie Boys album sales surged by 1,235%, with their 1986 album License to Ill re-entering the top 20 charts at number 18. They sold 151,000 downloads of digital songs this past week and have six other albums, including Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head, on the top 200. (By the way, these numbers only reflect up to May 6th, so the numbers will likely be even higher next week.)

Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood's fourth album, Blown Away...well, it blew everybody else away and debuts at #1 on the pop chart this week. It's her third #1 and had the second biggest first week of sales of any album this year -- only topped by Madonna (but we know how that went). Norah Jones came in at #2; while B.o.B.'s second album, Strange Clouds, managed a decent first week, selling 76,000 copies and landing him at #5. Gotye holds on to the #1 spot on the digital singles chart. [Billboard]

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