Tommy Hilfiger at his F/W '15 show. Photo by Billy Farrell/

Yesterday Tommy Hilfiger celebrated his thirtieth anniversary in business with a football-themed extravaganza of a show (complete with Jumbotron). In the evening he welcomed a small group of fashion press and style stars into his glamorous, art-packed New York apartment. We asked Tommy if he ever imagined when he started that this is where he would end up. "I just wanted to stay in business," he laughed. "I just wanted money to survive.  You get a little luck and then when the momentum starts you can't believe it. This is all a dream. I came from nothing and now I'm living a dream."  We couldn't help but admire Hilfiger's sizable collection of Warhols that were hanging nearby. " We have Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, " Tommy told me with a grin. "We have all the American icons."  Takes one to know one, Tommy.

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