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The day after Rihanna attended the amfAR Inspiration Gala in L.A, no one could stop talking about the bad gal's bold, Tom Ford look. As The Cut pointed out, whoever tells you that glitter pasties aren't formalwear is WRONG. And this isn't Rihanna's first time at the pasties rodeo. We know that Rihanna loves freeing and accenting her nipples, and now, thanks to Tom Ford's unprecedented newsletter, we know that the designer loves it too.

On pasties and freed nipples, the designer writes:

The reference to "pasties" was deliberate and while this reference can be related back directly to Mollino, it was also meant to be a reference to a contemporary fashion that seems to be gaining a bit of ground with very young women who have the bodies to pull it off and that is actual pasties as in the case of Miley Cyrus or even a dress that leaves nothing at all to the imagination as worn by Rihanna to the CFDA awards in New York this past summer. I was at the CFDA awards as I was receiving a "Lifetime Achievement Award" [which I prefer to think of as a "Mid Life Achievement Award"], and I have to say that Rihanna was for me, that night, one of the most beautiful women that I have ever beheld. I had designed several things for her specifically for that evening which she did not wear, but when I saw her it did not matter. I whispered into her ear that she was right not to have worn one of my dresses that night because she looked more beautiful than I have ever seen her look. She was stunning. As Richard said plainly after the evening, "If you are as beautiful as Rihanna, you almost owe it to the world to appear in public almost nude" and I have to say that I wholeheartedly concur.

While certainly no one owes the world anything, let alone their body, we're also glad that Rihanna has #blessed us with that iconic fashion moment.

[h/t Fashionista]

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