Continuing the unfortunate trend of aging rock musicians complaining about rap lacking artistry or whatever, The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards has come out of the woodwork in an interview with the New York Daily News to dismiss not only rap as a genre (its fans are all "tone-deaf" because they just need people "yelling" over drums), but also Metallica and The Beatles. It's generally pretty sad when this kind of thing happens, because it's evidence not only that the inexplicably alive Keith Richards needs attention (which, yeah, he's getting), but also that he's unwilling to listen to and engage with new forms of art and understand how and why they're made, and what they offer to the world at this particular moment that Baby Boomer dudes with guitars ripping off the blues don't.

Perhaps worst of all, Richards might not understand the extent to which a lot of rappers actually like The Rolling Stones. In fact, one especially classic track features the lyric, "Like Mick Jagger said I can't get no satisfaction." Tone-deaf? More like Tone Loc!

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