To Live and Die of Heat Stroke in L.A.

We're having a heat wave and, like Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon, I'M DYING HERE! In all seriousness, it looks like this heat has already killed four people. Temperatures are risin' and it isn't suprisin' that tempers are flarin', dreams are feverin' and our cats are weaving around like drunks. Poor critters... all of us. At least today it's cooling down... a little. We returned from Joshua Tree yesterday only to discover it was hotter in L.A. than in the desert! And we were told it was even hotter over the weekend! Some of us do not have air conditioning... so it's off to the movies for us! Too bad Dog Day Afternoon isn't playing in an icy cold cineplex near us. What a great movie! What a great trailer!

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