Time Magazine Cops Out

 Who cares about Time Magazine's choice for the Man of the Year. Well, it makes for a good parlor game as the suspense mounts before the inevitable disappointment, one that's enhanced by the blogospehere's mad quest to find something, anything to write about. For me, it's like the Oscars. I rarely agree and I'm really more of an indie/foreign film type of guy who usually hasn't seen most of the movies in contention for the prized statuette. So this year's choice of Mr. & Mrs Gates and U2's Bono seems like a supreme cop out. First of all, at least be brave enough to stick your head out and pick one. Bono alone or the Gates' alone. Why both? Did the marketing department step in and say lets find something for the kids as well as the grown-ups. Something for everyone. Or no one.


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