Tim Walker's "The Lady Who Fell to Earth"

Julia Frakes

Tim Walker's peerless whimsy, epic theatrics and lavish locales are gloriously at hand in Vogue U.K.'s October 2009 "The Lady Who Fell to Earth" -- his otherworldly exploration of an intergalactic-trotter sightseeing throughout his beloved British countryside. This latterly-published editorial stars a freshly chopped and bleached Kinga Rajzak (who has since returned to a darker hue for the New York Summer 2010 shows) and fits the bill as an exquisite exemplification of Walker's fairy tale technique: staggering sets and momentous venues collocating with everyday absurdities and fabulous preposterousness. Astutely styled by Kate Phelan, the fanciful yarn is replete with 3-D glasses, flying saucers surging over equestrian jumps, and exploratory horseplay (smack of the Rod Serling sort) in prim prints and ladylike tweeds cleverly capped off by Louis Vuitton bunny ears, Alexander McQueen umbrella hats, and Karl Lagerfeld for Les Ateliers Ruby collaboration helmets. A welcome escape to help get over the mid-fashion week hurdle!

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