Tim Hamilton and His Fashionable Darkness of Being

Martin Marks

Billy Corgan once posited that the world is a vampire. If such eventually becomes the case, then Tim Hamilton's fall 2011 collection, as it was presented last night at the Standard Hotel's ballroom, would have seemed perfect for every well-outfitted count from here to Transylvania. Under sepulchral orange lighting, the models - waifish, pale - marched in and out, wearing rubberized pants and coats, some of them in olive green, but mostly in black. I was very thankful, however, to have been sent a link to some backstage photos; under this different light, a really wonderful electro-punk playfulness could be found in Hamilton's work, especially in the prints, which were part of a collaboration with artist Ross Bleckner. Accents of Campari -- or, as the case may be, blood-red, offset the midnight darkness of the heavy de-collared sweaters and charcoal grey long-coats.

Whether or not the dark ones walk amongst us by fall 2011, the more somber pieces seemed to be the highlights of Hamilton's presentation -- tailored jackets fitted with hoodies (perhaps to keep out the sunlight?), tight-fitting zip-up motorcycle jackets, and over-buttoned pea coats. In the end, these were the pieces that allowed me, chipper as I am, to embrace the darkness of Hamilton's sartorial vision.

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