Threeasfour's Laser Show

The wonderful Threeasfour sent out their metallic-clad women into a foggy room with a geometric web of laser beams on the floor. A gong was rung, the lights went up and the women in a circular formation slowly unwound, spiraling onto the runway. The choreography was a mere extension of the super special clothes which were designed based on Threeasfour's signature curvy silhouettes and seaming. On the surface of femininity, Threeasfour's pieces are really for the creative and sometimes tough warrior woman who is not afraid to wear head to toe metallic armor, whether in the form of silk or leather. These clothes are merely extensions of the wonderful people who make them: Adi, Angela and Gabi. Knowing these three talents, is understanding their work. These are designs for people like them: eccentric, smart, outside the mainstream and passionate about what they do. And the audience -- the most interesting I saw this Fashion Week -- was filled with exactly those sorts of folks: writers, artists, thinkers and outsiders. Thank goodness for Threeasfour.

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