There's now a computer game chillingly titled "Thoughts and Prayers," on GOP Arcade, aims (literally) to expose and satirize the GOP's empty, disingenuous, and woefully ineffective response to our nation's gun violence epidemic.

These numbing sentiments, summed up perfectly in the callous statement "Our thoughts and prayers go out."

People in positions of power, influence, not using their positions of power and influence to actually DO ANYTHING after someone walks into a nightclub with a machine gun and murders 49 people with EASE.

"Our thoughts and prayers..."

Intentionally made to look like an 80s arcade game, a screen shows a map of our country, with markers of mass shootings popping up in cities across the nation; with each new shooting, you play by pressing either T "Thinking" or P "Praying."

Periodically, a frenzied text pops up, urging "MORE PRAYING!" or "MORE THINKING."

Right in the center is the option to "Ban Assault Weapons," which, I can attest, is easily over-looked in the quest for as many thoughts and prayers as possible...

The end result...

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