London auction house, Ted Owen & Co is selling off a rare piece of Beyoncé history: a collection of Betamax tapes containing over 2.5 hours of unseen Beyoncé footage and Girls Tyme performances from 1992. Current asking price? $3.8 million dollars. (Martin Shkreli you better get the hell back).

For those of you that don't know your Beyoncé history, Girls Tyme was the "hip-hop, rappin" zygote of Destiny's Child and included O.G. members LaTavia Roberson and Kelly Rowland. You may recall that Beyoncé used footage of Girls Tyme's runner-up performance on Star Search in her Flawless video to shade the members of the winning band Skeleton Crew into the dust 23 years after the fact. Sry Skeleton Crew.

Setting aside the creepy implications of selling footage of a child (just going to assume/pray these tapes are snatched up by the Knowles estate), the preview of the video collection released by Ted Owen & Co is pretty amazing. On its face, it's essentially a bunch of kids doing the roger rabbit in day-glo overalls (s/o Tina Knowles), but it essentially confirms what we know in our hearts: Beyoncé has always been Beyoncé. At 10 years old, she was Beyoncé and we were the Star Wars kid, and that's fine.

Watch the clip real below...

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