Is there nothing sacred anymore? Nothing the machines are not inexorably extending their multi-jointed metal grasp over? First it was heavy manufacturing, and now they're taking one of our most treasured foodstuffs, pizza. Created by a Barcelona company, the Foodini is a $2,000 gadget that can 3D-print food (though not cook it yet). The device is used mostly by high-end restaurants to do the kind of repetitive tasks that still require extreme precision, though creator Lynette Kucsma hopes it will follow the similar trajectory as the microwave, noting "There was a lot of resistance to [the microwave] because people didn't understand it...We accept technology a lot faster and the technology evolves a lot faster." (Unless, of course, you're Gwyneth Paltrow.) For our part, nothing will put you off delicious, greasy, cheesy pizza like watching it be gently extruded from a 3D-printer's teat in, it must be admitted, hypnotically exact circles. Enjoy this video of technically perfect pizzas and then celebrate your humanity and go make your own misshaped lumpen pizza-like dinner.

[h/t Eater]

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