This New Gay Web Series Is Weird But We're Enthralled

By Max Kessler

I'm pretty picky with my gay web series: I've eschewed watching all of them but "The Outs" because most of the time the acting is terrible and the characters don't interest me. But new gay web series "Normal Gays" -- which I'm not even sure should be called a web series, since each episode is less than two minutes long and doesn't establish anything about the pasts or futures of its characters -- caught my eye. Its main draw is the concept: two gay men having exceptionally mundane conversations while their actions or their environments become increasingly bizarre. In the age of the internet, watching scantily clad men talk about tax returns while putting on wigs shouldn't pique anyone's interest too much, but somehow it works. Check it out and see if you're as intrigued as I am.

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