In today's whack AF news, turns out there's now a firm in Japan that specializes in having "cute" men with tissues visit stressed out working women who just need a good, stress-relieving cry. Because apparently chivalry (for a $60 pricetag) isn't dead?

Dubbed Ikemeso, which is Japanese slang for "cute man," there's something super gross and white knight-y about the entire affair, which is rooted in the assumption that women can't handle the stress of what founder Hiroki Terai calls a "male dominated, workaholic workforce" and will inevitably get hysterical from said pressure. 

Mansplaining that many women are under tremendous amounts of stress, Terai said his mini-army of good-looking guys "are here to provide a kind word and brush the tears away" -- you know, when shit gets too real for us delicate ladies! Add this to the fact that he's selling it as a way for women to cope with "suffering sexist abuse in the workplace" and you've legitimately got the worst businessplan ever. LOL, okay, good luck with that!!

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