This Hilarious Katz's Deli Waiter Made a Talk Show

by Emma Orlow

If you ever worry that your waiter might be judging your order choice, this video's proof that your paranoia might be justified. David Manheim considers himself the eyes and ears of Katz's Delicatessen and he's not cutting any sandwich corners when it comes to his acerbic commentary on life working in New York's most iconic eating establishments. Though Manheim dreams of becoming a talk show host, for now he spends his time being the "last" Jewish waiter working at Katz's and spitting some rogue dining philosophies on camera ("They say the customer is always right. I say 'not here, f*ck them'"). Watch as Manheim schools costumers on the appropriate way to order (though there really may not be one, in his book) and critiques the deli's chaotic ticketing system. This year is Katz' 125th anniversary and Manheim has certainly found a way to commemorate it. More episodes, please!

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