This Guy's Workout Is So Much More Fun Than Yours

by Max Kessler

This man is having a way more fun/fabulous time at the gym than you -- or anyone else -- has ever had. [via Jezebel]

A couple of photos have resurfaced of Peter Dinklage hula-hooping at a gay bar in Calgary.
1) Why was Peter Dinklage at a gay bar in Calgary?
2) Why was he hula-hooping? Is that a thing people do in gay bars?
[via Dlisted]

Get your Friday fill of cats time traveling in costumes with this music video called "Dreams Are Real." [via Jezebel]

ICYMI: Lena Dunham made all other #tbt's boring and passé by posting a letter she wrote to a Time Out advice columnist about being a 19-year-old virgin. [via ONTD]

Someone went ahead and made our dreams come true by creating "Mad Rock," a Tumblr which combines Mad Men and 30 Rock. Slow claps all around. [via Mashable]

Σ = cats. [via lambdacats]

Words can't express how much we love it when brands and media outlets get sassy on Twitter. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

Us, at the beginning of every fashion week. [via mlkshk]

Where can we get the whole "Fuck Off" collection? [via Oh You Found My Skulls]

Have great weekend, everyone! [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

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