This Guy Does the Best Impression of Nic Cage Acting in a Horror Movie

by Max Kessler

1.  Netherlands comedian Ronald Goedemondt does the best impression of Nicolas Cage we've ever seen. Also, his "horror movie that Nicolas Cage would be in" concept is pretty damn accurate. [via Death and Taxes]

2.  Target's next collab will be with Phillip Lim! The range will include menswear, womenswear and accessories and it will launch on September 15th. [via Press Release]

3.  This may be the strangest contest ever: Jim Beam is making people compete to go on tour with Kid Rock and become his "personal bartender." Anyone, with or without bartending experience, can enter for a chance to travel with Kid Rock to three of his tour stops this summer and earn $10,000. You can apply here if that's your thing.

4.  Mr. Sunday is back on May 12th at 3pm. The Sunday afternoon late brunch/dance party will kick off for the summer at Gowanus Grove with tacos, beer and sangria. [via Free Williamsburg]

5.  Drag City is releasing an album by legendary comedian Andy Kaufman. The album, Andy and His Grandmother, will feature never-before-heard material from micro-cassette tapes that Andy recorded during 1977-79 and will be out on July 16th. [via Press Release]

6.  Oh god. Jonah Falcon, the guy with the world's largest penis, went and made a terrible song about having a huge penis. [via Queerty]

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