Artistic inspiration can come from unexpected sources. For filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian, that source is sexts written by strangers.

On her website Send Me Your Sexts, Yaghoobian has started an archive of short films based on visitors' submissions of their most steamy, intimate conversations. While all of the dialogue is drawn from the submitted text conversations, the filmmaker isn't content to simply translate written smut into images. Instead, she crafts original stories from this raw material, transplanting the conversations into unexpected, surreal settings ranging from a mod luau to a tennis court to an arcade with women in pinup outfits. With their '80s B-movie aesthetics, self-consciously stilted performances, humor, and general atmosphere of filth and camp, the vibe is equal parts Fellini and John Waters.

If you've got some steamy stories that you think are worthy of cinematic treatment, $80 and some screenshots will get your story up on the site.

The next short -- a skater boy-centric Hitchcock homage called "Bruce & Jane" -- will launch on Valentine's Day. So, go ahead and skip the crowded restaurants this year, and cuddle up with your Valentine to enjoy the strange, sensual pleasures of other people's sexts.

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