In case the Nicki Minaj, Nude Panda or James Franco selfie calendars won't go with your kitchen/office décor, here's a new one that really speaks to us: the Drunk Crustaceans calendar. The brainchild of DJ/photographer and 2014 PAPER Beautiful Person Leslie Kirchhoff and Drew Berezowitz, the calendar features photos of shrimps, crabs, lobsters and other assorted shellfish being, in the words of the project's creators, "more drunk than you." In addition to helping you track your social engagements -- drunken or otherwise -- the calendar also supports a good cause: 50% of sale proceeds will go to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, an organization that works towards removing plastic waste from the ocean. And for an extra 40 clams you can get a signed print of "the ocean's most notorious shrimp, Kim Krustashian," who, you'll see, is recreating our #BreakTheInternet cover star's famous Jean-Paul Goude pose. Take a look at a few images from the calendar below and get your claws on it HERE.

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