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This Drake/Danzig "Mother" Mash-Up Is Perfection

by Elizabeth Thompson

"What would Drake sound like mashed-up with Danzig," is a question you've likely never asked yourself. But that's what the Internet's for.  Here, we get Danzig's 1988/'93 hit "Mother" slowed down over the woozy synth of Drake's "0 to 100 /The Catch Up" James Blake outro. And doesn't it work beautifully?  Even better, the remix matches nicely with the drama (and Original Emo side-swept bangs) of the actual "Mother" video. This edit, however, cuts off right before the part where Glenn Danzig sacrifices a chicken over a woman's body. Given Drake's love of feathered friends, we agree with this edit. It's what he would want. Watch it above.

H/T @BrandonStosuy.

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