Los Angeles-based comedian Chris Fleming has probably the only take on this apocalyptic election result that will provide you with any solace... he's gonna go to home base with Vice President Mike Pence. Don't worry, because Fleming and one of the most dangerous, pathologically homophobic button-eyed trolls to ever take public office are going to "go at it in the middle of the night like [they're] sophomores at a bad liberal arts college." Fleming's going to comfort Pence "when he wakes up in a cold sweat because he had a dream that he accidentally answered to the 'Hey ladies' part of Outkast's hit song, 'Hey Ya.'" He's going to hook up with Mike Pence in a Kmart parking lot. Fleming's going to put his hand through Pence's "Christmas tree shop hair" while they cuddle up and watch The Muppets.

Take comfort.

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