The indie fashion world's fixation on natural dyes has been going strong for some time now (the average American is never more than 50 feet away from something indigo-dyed), but the outdoorsy types at Patagonia just kicked it up a notch. They just released a new line called Clean Color for spring that explores normcore's wild side, foregoing traditional synthetic dyes for silkworm poop, orange peels, pomegranate rinds, herbal industry byproducts and crushed up cochineal beetles. Seriously!

The Clean Color line is sourced from 96% renewable resources, created in a dye process that uses significantly less water, energy and CO2 than traditional methods. We love it when the fashion world makes good on their commitments to sustainability, and we love it even more when we can tell people that our clothes are made from beetle juice.

Check out the Clean Color line below...

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