This little boy just found out his mom is having another baby and it's EXASPERATING. [TastefullyOffensive]

Snoop Dogg teaches the children about baboons on Jimmy Kimme's nature program, Plizzanet Earth. [Uproxx]

If you need us, we'll be channeling this cool-vibes chihuahua getting a neck massage all weekend. [TO]

"S&M Tea Party" is a really good idea for a photo shoot theme. We will get on that. [FYouNoFMe]
The Illuminati KNOWS WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. [MoneyMessages]

This 102-year-old man is likely the oldest and happiest person to ever do an ice bucket challenge video. So stop being in such a bad mood! [TO]

Rick Perry's 1968 Texas A&M photos are CHILLING. [Mlkshk]

Hey. Have a great weekend. [Mlkshk\

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