Instagram's Terms and Conditions really seem to repel real women -- last night popular body positive instagram account AllWomanProject was shut down due to a violation of said agreement. Let it be known that there was no nudity found on the site. If anything, the hashtag and outlet strictly serve to lead women into owning their bodies and freeing their form.

The account and website "for women by women" was created by models Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux who have garnered a strong following of 18K+ users. The pair use this platform to advocate for all body types via some good good glamour shots coupled with inspirational quotes. So we can't help but wonder why the hell their account was (momentarily) taken down.

According to Refinery29, an Instagram rep claimed the act was purely accidental. Although this could be true, we find it hard to believe based on Instagram's previous history of censoring the female form, even when it's for a good cause! Don't think that the duo behind the movement didn't have anything to say about the matter. Howard told Refinery29, "If you don't like our photos, then just unfollow us. But don't report us on the same level as porn or violence [for showing] a true representation of women that makes you uncomfortable."

Instagram often only allows room for the archetypal body type but they're not the only social media site that caters to this idea (looking at you, Facebook). Although the account is now alive and well, let's not forget that there are still very few safe spaces (especially in fashion!) for women to find their figure as not only acceptable but beautiful.

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