(photo via Rupert)

Artnet reports that artist Laure Prouvost's solo exhibit "Burrow Me," displayed in Lithauania's Rupert arts center will veer dangerously close to the premise of a movie. Prouvost's art invites visitors to dig for the remnants of her (fictional) grandfather, a conceptual artist supposedly lost 20 years ago while digging a burrow for a performance piece. Several different types of shovels -- the GPS Shovel, the Four Step Shovel, the Sexy Shovel, the Reading Shovel, and the Drunk Shovel -- are available for use by people entering the burrow searching. The piece is meant to highlight participants' relationships with their own grandparents -- people who you are connected to, but in a sense can never really know or understand -- but, in practice, it seems a lot more like a really cool, treasure-digging adventure. Get your flashlights
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