Widely available 3D printing, a technological prospect that will allow humans to create elaborate, intricate structures seemingly out of thin air, is pretty striking and maybe a bit unsettling -- to the point where its deployment in the fashion industry makes Kanye West deeply nervous. But it's possible Kanye just hasn't fully considered the artistic applications of the technology or what it can do to expand the possibilities of fashion, because something like Caress of the Gaze could be right up his alley. 

The outfit, created by University of Southern California PhD student Behnaz Farahi, uses its unique, flexible 3D-printed material in combination with a camera to change the shape and rigidity of the clothing in response to the person looking at it. It moves as a reaction to eye movements, the very presence of an observer, and, yes, the gender of an onlooker -- suggesting the possibility that clothing might some day be able to shift as a way of pushing back against the male gaze. Check out a video preview below, and read more at PSFK.

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