The British Pathe's YouTube archive is a treasure trove of fabulously British '60s ephemera, including this hilarious 1963 segment unearthed by Dangerous Minds via Weird Universe of a teenage beatnik girl being made over into a beeeeautiful woman. When we meet our teen beatnik, she's walking down the street in an over-sized beatnik black sweater with a beatnik cigarette hanging out of her mouth and her beatnik bangs in her face. Soon, she is lured into a beauty parlor "where smart, chic women pretty themselves." Inside, a crack team of beauticians start chipping away at her dirty bohemian shell, literally rubbing a bowl of raw eggs in her hair (?) and painting her face with hot wax. In the end, she emerges refreshed and re-newed as a middle-aged woman with huge hair. She seriously could pass for 40. Give your mom an extra-big hug the next time you see her, because she had to grow up with this. Watch above.
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