Things I Like About Being Stranded in Belgrade: My Room at Design Hotel Mr. President

As I enter my 10th day in Belgrade I've really come to appreciate my room at the adorable boutique hotel Mr. President. When I first came to the Serb capital I was shacked up at the super luxe Hyatt Regency which is a classic fancy-pants-five-star-spot and was the headquarters for the royal birthday festivities that brought me here. But once the birthday brouhaha was over MM needed something within a working girl's budget. Mr. President is a wallet-friendly 85 Euros a night and includes free breakfast, dinner, Internet and international phone calls! Hello, one-stop shopping! The hotel is cute and fun and each room features a famous President. Mine is Turkey's legendary Moustafa Kemal a/k.a Ataturk who's one of MM's favorites. Here's a shot of the portrait of Ataturk over MM's bed.

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