YouTube singing duo/lesbian couple BriaAndChrissy decided to ask some of their (platonic) girlfriends to come around to a studio, introduce themselves to a guy and shake -- only, it wasn't his hand they would be shaking.

In the LGBTQ community, these women would be described as " gold star lesbians" in that they've never come into contact with a man's junk before. Of her first experience touching a man's penis, one woman nervously notes: "I feel like I've gone my whole life trying to avoid this moment."

Their descriptions are perfect. One girl described it as a turkey neck stuffed with an ear of corn. Another notes: "It feels like a hotdog that you took to a picnic, then left the hotdog out, then you went back and thought 'oh this hotdog is still ok,' but then you feel the hotdog and it's a little hard." Wow.

The couple did a similar video two months ago that flipped the table and put gay guys in the spotlight, getting them to feel breasts for the very first time. Check out the new one below.

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