If only the above, insane clothing tag came in several languages like H&M's so that you'd know how to translate "gon be fucked for real' in French. The photo you're looking at was recently uploaded to Reddit and caught by our friends over at Styleite, and appears to be the washing instructions for a piece of clothing from O-Mighty.com, the Singapore-based brand that sells new-era Hot Topic crop tops and bathing suits. Within the nightmarish hellscape that is the O-Mighty washing care instruction tag, 7-inch dicks are to be treated like rare Orchids, your mom does your laundry and you are bae. You also go as Taco Bae.

Check out O-Mighty's for-the-kids Windows 95-themed site too, where they name Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Azealia Banks and Zendaya as fans and where this mini skirt featuring a motif of Drake as a baby is on sale for $24.00. Don't even pretend like you wouldn't buy that.
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