There's More to the World Than Fashion...

Remember, this week isn't only all about fashion -- it's the week that the art world, the publishing world and the design world come to life again. I called my friend and guru George Lois, the legendary art director slash thinker, the other day to tell him how much I adored his new book called Iconic America, which I died over. Lois did the book in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger and it's fantabulous -- although the one thing I must admit irked me was that it says the book was authored by Hilfiger when it reeks of Lois authorship. Whatever. Get this book. It's iconic!

Another great moment happening next week is a show of the work of Ingo Maurer at the Cooper Hewitt which opens on Monday night . Plus, I'm doing a conversation with Ingo that is open to the public on September 18th which should be really fun. Ingo is amazing and he is rarely in town to do something like this. He and I will be chatting in front of an audience about his show, his work, his life, etc. Here's how to get tickets

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