There Won't Be A 5th Season of Arrested Development

By Max Kessler + Rashard Bradshaw
1.  Take some deep breaths and reach for your stress ball: Arrested Development will officially be over after its upcoming 4th season on Netflix. CEO Reed Hastings broke the news today, explaining that the new season of Arrested is "a tactic as opposed to fundamental as a strategy." To which we say: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? [via The Verge]

2.  Museum of Modern Art is putting out a call to artists, architects, designers, urban planners and anyone who's interested to come up with ways to rebuild Rockaway Beach. They're looking for ideas for "social spaces, new housing models, urban interventions, and ideas related to rebuilding and protecting the shoreline." Watch the video above and put those thinking caps on. [via Gallerist NY]

3.  Tonight, songbird and PAPER fave Solange will be blessing Webster Hall with tracks from her EP True. Stubhub still has two tickets available so go, go, go!

4.  A group of Canadian authors -- including Yann Martel who wrote Life of Pi and is very cute -- are stripping down for the Bare It for Books, an annual calendar in which authors bare it all for charity. Hubba hubba. [via HuffPost Books]

5.  You guys, there are more consequences to Mayor Bloomberg's ban on sugary drinks over 16 oz. than you might think: there will be no more carafes of soda or juice with bottle service (which won't affect us at all), no more pitchers of soda for kids' birthdays at restaurants (which also won't affect us at all), and no more 2-liter bottles of soda with food delivery (which will affect us way more than we care to admit.) [via The Post]

6.  Julien Nitzberg, the filmmaker behind "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia," made a short, ten minute documentary on Patton Oswalt and it's really good. You can watch it above. [via BoingBoing]

7.  A man jumped in front of an E train this morning, making him the 8th to be killed or injured by the subway since last Wednesday. We say this all the time but seriously, we are never walking anywhere near the edge of the subway track again. [via Daily Intel

8.  This Tuesday, the Anthropology Film Archive, in collaboration with Dirty Looks, is showcasing "Have you ever seen a transsexual before?" and other pieces by LGBT filmmaker Chris E. Vargas. It'll be socially conscious and filled with laughs.

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