Theality: The new frontier in Real/Fake Nightclubbing

Peter Davis
I have wisely rejected numerous reality TV offers (High Society, The Real Housewives, etc.) for fear of being labeled "that freak from that show." But a new form of reality performance has me intrigued: "theality" which is a mixture of theater and real life. The play, Largo, is a staged drama with the participation of a live audience at CV nightclub at The Hotel on Rivington. Written by David Alex Andrejko and directed by Ellen Orenstein, the performance is described as: "Three men. Three women. Drink. Dance. Desperate loneliness. The chapter continues. Largo examines six seemingly disparate individuals on a night out. What begins as innocent banter over cocktails quickly transforms into fantasy and nightmare." Sound fun? There is also free booze. Largo runs from April 21-23rd at 9p

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