Hack personality quizzes have always been a popular post-Quizilla era past time and the latest quiz that's got our attention has to do with how you snuff your pizza.

That's right, according to body language expert Patti Wood in a piece in Cosmo, the way you choose to eat your pizza is indicative of your personality, with 4 main types that are reflective of your approach to life i.e. whether you're a dominant, an influencer, a supporter or a compliant. We outline the four basic types below for your pizza-parsing pleasure, because "science."

The Fold (The "Dominant"): 

You're straightforward, know exactly what you want and how to get it. Maximum efficiency is your motto and there's no point to stopping and smelling the garden slice. It's all about snarfing down that 2-for-1 'za as fast as possible with little hassle. Just make sure you have some antacids handy. 

Crust First (The "Influencer"):  

You're a super special individual who doesn't play by the rules -- but mostly because you crave attention. After all, it's all about being dramatic and making a lasting impression...which is weird because I'm a textbook Leo and the idea of eating the crust first is revolting.

Fork & Knife (The "Supporter"): 

Refined people-pleasers who like to play by the rules, if you enjoy your pizza with a fork and knife you're apparently a "supporter" -- aka that steadfast someone who is more concerned about the experience of others rather than immediate self-gratification. Polite to a T, supporters are the ideal pushovers in your life.

Just Bite (The "Compliant"):

If you just dive into your slice, you're a perfectionist who knows not to mess with what's tried and true. After all, there's a reason you always enjoy the end product, so why fuck with the delivery method?

[h/t Munchies]

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