Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life, and sometimes when the news cycle conspires to give us crippling anxiety attacks on the regs, we need a little extra help. Some people connect with their families, some people go for long walks, some people start following senior dog accounts on Instagram, and some people tune in and lost their everlovin' minds to the soothing sounds of yacht rock. Thundercat understands the power of a truly smooth jam, which he proved earlier this year with "Show You The Way," a loving yacht rock tribute featuring soft rock deities Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald from his album, Drunk. The visual for "Show You The Way" dropped today, and it is absolutely mandatory viewing for everybody looking to balance their cortisol levels and get their minds right.

This sweet, surreal video featured a man missing his forearms, whose family sends him to a New Age wellness retreat in the forest to cope with depression. He receives healing treatments, builds his confidence, and a gets back on his feet as he's serenaded by Thundercat, Loggins and McDonald on closed circuit TV. It's pretty special, and if you didn't know the life-changing power of a super smooth groove before, you do now.

Watch "Show You The Way" below...

[youtube expand=1]

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