The Top Five Must-Haves From the A$AP Mob Shop

by Maggie Dolan
Since A$AP Rocky's rise, the fashion world has embraced his Harlem hip-hop-meets-Rick Owens fanatic style. He has GQ fashion spreads. He dates models. He sits front row. He's gotten a whole generation to COMME des FUCKDOWN. With his personal style kick-starting trends from Harlem to Hong Kong, it was only a matter of time before the A$AP Mob branded and sold Rocky's -- and the whole collective's -- signature swagger straight to the masses. On their new eCommerce site, the A$AP Mob shop, you can outfit yourself with all sorts of A$AP fan merch from graphic tees to key chains. See our top five must-haves below.  

1. "DRINKS" Laptop Case / $40.00
One must never forget that in New York, you work hard and you play hard. With your lap top outfitted in this case, you've got work on drinks on work on drinks.  

2. "PRETTY MOTHER FUCKER" T-Shirt /  $25.00
Just in case anyone should've got it on a tee. 

3. "PURPLE DRINK" Keychain / $15.00
While the "PMW" concoction of Sprite, promethazine-codeine, Jolly Ranchers and ice is a tempting combination -- we'll  keep it to our key chain.

4. "A$AP STRIPE" Crewneck Hoodie / $80.00
The sweatshirt has become something of a fashion thing, and we love the vintage Adidas vibes this one is giving. Plus there's something so cool/not cool about a crewneck.  

5. "TIE-DYE" T-Shirt / $30.00
In a mostly black and white collection, this burst of whimsy instantly catches the eye. Now that tie dye is having a fashion renaissance, you can't go wrong.  

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