Done! [ Mlkshk]

The ladies of SNL sing an ode to the celebrities who made them first feel feelings. Co-sign on the older brother from Dinosaurs.

Why no police cats. [JustPlainFreak]

The only Papa John we know. [ FYouNoFMe]

What fresh hell is this. [ AfternoonSnoozeButton]

This tiny piglet excitedly waking up from a nap to go outside = scream forever. [TastefullyOffensive]

Vincent Van Drake. [ AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Watch on repeat as necessary today. [JoytheSheep]

Oh shittttttt, Cher. [ AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Don't forget stopping to look at something funny on the internet every 15 minutes. [via 911Police]

All stores and commercials October 20th-January 1st. [ JustPlainFreak]

Are you fucking kidding? ROGER. ROGER, ROGER, ROGER. Parker would eat Caitlin and then bounce. This is bullshit. [Buzzfeed]

When you order booze on an airplane. [PenisHilton]

When you watch a romantic movie alone :(
Posted by Loki on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Have a great Sunday! [TastefullyOffensive]

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