The Sunday Funnies

The Sunday Funnies

by Elizabeth Thompson

Pumpkin spice latte! [Mlkshk]

Meet Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old Fort Worth retiree who built a dog train for his 9 rescue dogs and takes them on rides around town. Crying, crying, cryyyyyyyying. [TheDodo]

So! [LaughterKey]

Same. [LaughterKey]

Shout out to the dude behind him. Bayside always had the best 35-year-old high school sophomores. [Mlkshk]

Standing in the corner, checking your phone every 5 seconds like 'they hate me cuz they aint me (but also because I'm just here and no one really wanted me to come anyway and I should just go home because what is the point of this and everything I say is wrong and boring and I am bad)," SON! [LaughterKey]

Good times. [FYouNoFMe]

Fact: The "typing" dots are actually a portal to the fiery depths of hell. [That'sSoModeratelyRaven]

Pit bulls Missy and Laydie may or may not have eaten some sweatpants while their owner wasn't home. It's really hard to tell. [TastefullyOffensive]

Here is an adorable video of an emu freaking out when its dog friend walks into the room. [Via TastefullyOffensive]
Girl, fly away. [FYouNoFme]

Where all our 28-year-old venture capitalists of Orange County at? [TheOnion]

S(w)a(g)d. [911Police]

No! NOOOOOOOOOO! [Seenen0n]

Baby Guy the ferret loves bath time and doesn't give an F that his friends keep smacking him in the face. [TastefullyOffensive]

When the internet stops playing games and just delivers. [Fuks]

"We've known since you were a squab." [MensRightsActivia]

Mary J. Blige will put you on blast, then put you on blast again. [That'sSoModeratelyRaven]

Caressatorium. [LiarTownUSA]

Have a great Sunday, y'all. [Mlkshk]

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