The Sunday Funnies

The Sunday Funnies

by Elizabeth Thompson

Just a video of two chill-as-hell cats wearing sunglasses and plant pots on their heads. [TastefullyOffensive]

Vive l'oncle Phil. [Mlkshk]

Evil. [Mlkshk]

A really good point. [FYouNoFMe]

Steven Malkamus is a fat pig and a slob. [Mlkshk]

Little pug vs. evil mortal enemy the wind-up bath toy. [TastefullyOffensive]

Message from Taylor. [FYouNoFMe]

"Old Face Magenta" is a great stripper name. [FYouNFMe]

In case of emergency. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]
A montage of all the times that Jon Stewart made fun of Arby's on the Daily Show. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Very important cheese plate necklace. [Mlkshk]

Seriously. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Accurate. [Mlkshk]

This will never not be our reaction to seeing donuts. [FYouNoFMe]

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